Malaka Of The Week: Frank Linkmeyer

Photograph via WCPO-TV.

It’s time for me to pluck someone out of obscurity and name them malaka of the week. In this instance, the plan is to send the man who “built” the sexist, racist “float” (looks more like a trailer to me) above back to obscurity as soon as possible. And that is why Frank Linkmeyer is malaka of the week.

I’ll yield the floor to the local teevee station that broke the story and provided the picture at the top of the post:

The Aurora Farmer’s Fair, which is put on by the Lions Club, is the biggest event of the year in the Ohio River town 35 miles west of Cincinnati. The parade went right down Second Street Saturday with nearly 200 bands, floats and groups.

One float in particular caught the eye of some people who weren’t happy to see it. It depicted Clinton in an electric chair with Trump ready to pull the switch. The float also featured an Easter Island head painted black with a black face and a sign that identified it as President Obama.

According to Linkmeyer it’s just politically incorrect satire. Given the fact that Donald Trump has mused several times about violence against his opponent, this is not funny. Threats of violence never are.

I know something about satire. In addition to writing it at First Draft, I am a member of a satirical Carnival krewe that puts together a float for the annual Krewe du Vieux parade. My Spank krewe-mates can tell you that any time someone suggests spoofing those who perpetrate acts of violence, I argue against it as vehemently as I speak against “kicking down.” The electric chair is not funny. The Insult Comedian strapping Hillary Clinton to “old Sparky” is not funny. Racist caricatures of President Obama or other black folks are not funny.

Malaka Linkmeyer doesn’t understand why his trailer trash float is a big deal to anyone:

“Could have had Donald Trump in the electric chair.  It was a tossup,” Linkemeyer told WCPO.

Linkmeyer says he and his brother have spoofed people in the parade for years.

“Police officers, judges, nurses, doctors, heart transplant patients — just a variety of things and the people in Aurora and the surrounding area love to see us in the parade,” he said.

One of the odder sub-plots of this odd story is that the parade is put on by the Lions Club of Aurora, Indiana. In my experience, service clubs like the Lions, Kiwanis, Shriners, and Rotary are non-partisan and have members with divergent political views. Linkmeyer’s tacky and tasteless float does a disservice to service clubs like the Lions who do good things in communities across the country. My late father was active in the Kiwanis in San Francisco and a burn unit at a children’s hospital was their main cause. Ironies abound.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: not everything is funny. Depicting the electrocution of the Democratic nominee for President at the hands of her Republican opponent is not funny. And that is why Frank Linkmeyer is malaka of the week.

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