Prove You’re Serious, GOP

Getting rid of Trump isn’t enough.

Mouthing platitudes about revering and respecting and protecting and valuing “their” women — mothers, daughters, sisters, waitresses, accessories — isn’t enough.

Tweeting that they’re disgusted isn’t enough. If Trump quits tomorrow, it isn’t enough.

All kinds of noise on Twitter this morning about GOP congressmen denouncing Trump, saying they won’t vote for him, pulling their endorsements. He bragged about sexually assaulting women. He should be serving the kind of prison sentence we give a young black man caught with a joint.


If we let the GOP shove Trump out the door for joking about sexual assault, I am ALL FOR THAT. I’m so here for it. But we should have made them shove him out the door for calling Mexicans rapists. We should have made them shove him out the door for “lock her up.” We should have made them shove him out the door for “let’s remove her secret service protection and see what happens.” We should have made them shove him out the door for the Muslim ban, and the judge, and “bomb the shit out of ISIS.”

They should have shoved themselves out the door for nominating him in the first place, after the demands for the birth certificate. Everybody knew what he was then. Everybody should have to answer not just for this 2005 tape but for the 2015 primaries.

But that’s not enough. Defeating Trump in a landslide isn’t enough. Shoving him out the airlock before the election isn’t enough. I’m old enough to remember when Democratic congressmen had to denounce every single anti-war protester’s Che t-shirt in order to prove they weren’t, pardon the expression, pussies; we’re gonna let the GOP get away with denouncing just this one guy?

How about they reverse themselves on defunding Planned Parenthood?

How about they stop yelling “lock her up” at election rallies?

How about they shut up about Sharia law and women in hijabs?

How about they apologize for acting like paying for birth control was like the death camps?


They should have to prove they’re not the kind of sexist garbage Trump is. Prove their weasel words about how he’s not emblematic of everything they stand for. Prove they’re not just him with cheaper suits and better impulse control.

If they can’t do that, if we can’t MAKE them do that, in another four years or eight years or 12, we’ll be right back here with another guy saying “grab them by the pussy.”


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