The Fog Of 21st Century History: Charting The Debates

Nate Silver and the crazy kids at have compiled a fascinating debate chart. It verifies that Hillary Clinton kicked some Trump butt this year:

debate screen shot
Chart by Screen shot by Adrastos.

I knew that HRC won but I had no idea that it was by the widest margin this century. The biggest surprise was that Willard Mittbot Romney was the overall winner in 2012 in the quality polls. He tied Bill Clinton’s one debate record of +42, which occurred in the town hall debate whereat Poppy Bush checked his watch.  I also thought Kerry kicked ass by a bigger margin but W did have his hardcore supporters.

Silver’s conclusion is that the race has been decided. The sole question is the margin. I’ve been saying this since the Democratic Convention. Glad to have the numbers on my side. Time to play a a few songs titled It’s Over BUT please do not forget to vote. Don’t make me a liar, y’all: