Rainy Day Voting

I voted 2016.

I am not now nor have I ever been a blue dog Democrat, but I did enjoy getting that sticker. I ran into several friends at my polling place one of whom proved that he’s a sane Republican:

Crazy Blogger:     “Did you cancel my vote?”

Sane Republican: “Not this time. Voted your way.”

So it goes.

I like voting on election day at my polling place at the former Xavier Prep on Magazine Street. It has changed names but, in the great New Orleans tradition, I refuse to acknowledge the new name. Why do I like it? The same poll workers are there every election; one of whom lives around the corner from me. Today I ran into one of the big muckety-mucks of Krewe du Vieux who shared some news that’s hush-hush, strictly confidential.

It’s a pleasant stroll to the polls but I’m still a bit wheezy from this stupid cold. I used my umbrella as a makeshift cane (Kaine?) on the way home. I did, however, beat the rain. It’s not expected to be as intense as yesterday, which broke a string of 41 consecutive rainless days.

You’ll be shocked to learn that I voted Clinton-Kaine. I also voted for the lesser of 24 evils for the Senate. That’s clearly not the Erstwhile Gret Stet Fuhrer.

I don’t have a lot to add until the polls close, I stand by my predictions.


I hope to be proven wrong by those who are more optimistic. Hell, if not for the first Comey epistle, I might have rolled the dice and bet on the Peach State. Hopefully, it will be peachy keen in 2018 and 2o2o.

All I’ve got is some Rainy Day Voting Music even if it’s drier than a Baptist Church where you are. They’re not exactly political songs but we need a brief respite; even me.

Finally, one for all the states with weed referenda:




One thought on “Rainy Day Voting

  1. Love the sticker! For some reason, here in Jay County, Indiana, no stickers are given out – I’ve been voting since ’68, voting in Toledo, Ohio, and one year in NJ, and I always got a sticker. EXCEPT here – started voting here in ’09. NO BAKE SALES either. Whenever I voted in Ohio, as long as the location wasn’t the courthouse or the 911 dispatch center, the church or school or union hall had a bake sale. One church even had a lunch plate – your choice of hot dog or sloppy joe, coleslaw and baked beans.

    Anyway, thanks for the pic of the sticker – btw there are secret Clinton voters out there, got a private message from a voter who has to keep support for Clinton quiet because reasons, knew my mother and wanted to let me know that was thinking of my mother when voting for Clinton.

    Damn, I’ve been joking about this, but I’ve gone through so many tissues that the buy on the futures market should have been tissues, not popcorn.

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