The Bias Toward the Status Quo

Following up on Sunday’s post, things can’t be on fire because they can’t be on fire, guys:

And again, understandable. Everyone is tired all the time, but you take certain jobs, you don’t get to be tired without asking your editor to swap in somebody who can still see a foot in front of them.

There is no law that says everything HAS to be okay, and not making room for it to be horrible is what causes us to deny all kinds of shit going wrong. Because if we see it, we have to feel something, and if we feel something we have to do something, and if we do something we can’t just take a nap and I want to nap all the time. I would never tell people it’s wrong to want to nap.

I just don’t think you get to nap right now.

If you cannot wrap your head around the idea of the world actually ending (because in the best of times, it’s ending, somewhere, for someone) then get out of the damn chair.