Saturday Odds & Sods: All About Christmas Eve


It’s that time of the year again and I have a mild case of blogging burn-out. It’s time to recharge my batteries by doing a picture essay Odds & Sods featuring some Victorian holiday oddities found online by Dr. A. Hence the image above, which could be retitled Merry Frogmas.

Next up is a particularly disturbing image featuring walking ersters. Why they’re walking is beyond me:


It’s time for more frogmas greetings:


Since I’m punning on the title of the great 1950 film All About Eve, I’ll give its distinguished cast the last word:


2 thoughts on “Saturday Odds & Sods: All About Christmas Eve

  1. Re: absent friends / walking oysters

    Dunno about Dover (those look like chalk cliffs) but in the late 1800s the famous, extremely numerous and delicious oysters of San Francisco Bay became first scarce and then nearly extinct, buried under tens of meters of sediments from hydraulic mining in the Sierra Nevada and steam-driven dredging in the lower rivers.

    So the holiday treat of winter oysters became expensive or unavailable.

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