Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Residents

The Residents are a defiantly obscure band that are impossible to pigeonhole. The best I can come up with is Dada performance art electronica. I’ve never particularly liked their music BUT their art design is a different matter altogether. As the Citizen Kane posters proclaim: It’s terrific.

Below is a representative sample of their album covers. We begin with the Eskimo album. Note that neither the band’s name nor the album title appears. It features their signature eyeball head pieces.


Speaking of freakish:


This looks like a cover for the incoming B3 administration. I bet Bannon has one of these hanging on his wall at Breitbart:


Finally, a residential video featuring their trademark weirdness for weirdness sake:


One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Residents

  1. Love the Residents, and nice to see a First Draft shout-out to them. Dada performance art electronica pretty much covers it, though there should be a reference to found instruments in there too. I haven’t followed their recent albums since Demons Dance Alone, but adore Third Reich & Roll, Duck Stab/Buster & Glen, Not Available, Eskimo (and Diskomo, a disco version of Eskimo) and The King and Eye (wacked-out covers of Elvis songs). The Commercial Album, which features nothing but 60-second-long songs is an inspired bit that has a ton of really fun music in it as well.

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