Friday Guest Catblogging: John Wetton & A Torti Named Peggy

The late John Wetton was a die hard cat person. Like Dr. A, he had a particular passion for tortoise shell cats aka tortis. Here’s what he said about Peggy the torti on twitter: “an angelic, frighteningly loyal,half-wild cat with a heart of feline gold.”


This week’s post is a gynormous excuse to post John’s ode to a Florentine black cat:

One thought on “Friday Guest Catblogging: John Wetton & A Torti Named Peggy

  1. Hy is an catlover I understand and his Florentine Black cat is beatiful Peggy with an golden heart and animals are always oké and very beatiful: All animals! I am an animallover! My Mieppie is very graceful, smart and nice . . . Your music is also beatiful. I can not do those things with sound and film= movies on pc . . . My compact disc= CD is Dutch and I do not know how I can late you hear those songs . . . , oké . . . * Elfriede from Amsterdam-Holland, vrijdag 3 februari 2017 * *

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