Middle Eastern Burritos and Other Immigration/Food Discussions

At dinner the other night we were trying to figure out if any other country had AS diverse an experience of food cultures as America. Did Europe have as many Mexican restaurants? Did South American countries have Czech food?

Nobody at the table had traveled enough to say definitively, but this Eater article gets to some of the issues raised in the food industry by a sustained anti-immigrant campaign on the part of government. 


2 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Burritos and Other Immigration/Food Discussions

  1. I must be public enemy number 1 as far as Steve King is concerned. I am a white woman who never had a biological child. I did adopt an Asian baby who was born in Vietnam with a cleft lip and palate and abandoned at the hospital. That was 24 years ago and now she’s a healthy happy young woman, a college graduate and productive member of society. But according to King, I failed not only in not increasing America’s white stock, but in bringing a non-white individual into the country to tilt the scales away from the ideal of a white society and potentially dilute the gene pool. For some reason, though, I’m not ashamed of myself.

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