Album Cover Art Wednesday: Out Of Our Hands

My friend Kyle D. Drummer (not his real name but it should be) thinks the only downside of Yes’ admission to the RRHOF is the exclusion of founding lead guitarist Peter Banks. Since I’m partial to guys with that first name, I quite agree. Jon Anderson *did* mention Banks who died in 2013 in his rambling Jonnish acceptance speech. Jon believes in including the excluded.

In fact, Banks gave Yes its name but he was fired from the band in 1970 and replaced by Steve Howe. That makes him the Pete Ham of Yes since their breakthrough came with The Yes Album in 1971. So it goes.

Banks went on to a long  and somewhat checkered career as a journeyman guitarist. His first band after Yes was Flash who released three LPs  in 1972 and 1973. Out Of Our Hands was the third album and it had a swell cover by Hipgnosis:

That was the UK cover art. The US cover had a different coloration thereby proving that pastels are never passé:

Flash’s music was pretty darn good but they never caught a break. I guess that makes them a Flash in the pan. Btw, the band beat me to that pun: their first album was called Flash In The Can. After that groaner, here’s the whole consarn album:

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  1. Thanks for featuring this cover here, Peter. I’ve been a Hipgnosis fan for 40+ years, and it’s always great to see their work being discussed.

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