Sometimes It’s Impossibly Depressing

That these people have jobs, and I’m including Mike “The Next Hurricane Will Give the GOP a Katrina Do-Over” Allen in “these people,” though to be honest the evidence he’s even a mammal is kind of sketch:

President Trump got a 100-day gift on Sunday from the paper he had called “totally failing” at a rally the night before: The New York Times’ Sunday Review began a campaign to get readers to “Say Something Nice About Donald Trump,” and a cover story of the section respectfully channeled the Steve Bannon world view.
What’s going on here: Neither of the pieces appeared to be sarcastic. Both appear to be part of the paper’s effort to be more relevant in the Trump era.

Bret Stephens, a conservative columnist hired from the Wall Street Journal, debuted in Saturday’s paper, calling for more balance in the climate-change debate.

At the time Stephens was hired, James Bennet, the paper’s editorial page editor, told the Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone it was an effort to “further widen” the range of views the paper presents to readers.

It’s just sad watching the ass-kissing that’s going on, because: It’s not going to save you. Trump isn’t gonna be nicer and his people aren’t gonna stop screaming for your deaths in ovens (hey, remember that “range of views,” it was like last week) and no one is going to praise your courage and your might. It’s not going to do any good, PLUS your commentary will be a laughingstock. You’re not earning anything.

Just fucking get it together. We don’t have time for two, three years of trying to play nice before you can relax into the comfy recliner that is your horse-race coverage for 2020. We don’t have time for you to relearn the multiplication tables every damn summer. Republicans hate you, that’s not going to change, so as long as it’s a fact of life why not do something with it? Why keep trying to be loved?

I don’t see the upside for ya here. Even Mike Allen, who as I may have mentioned six thousand times is a piece of shit’s piece of shit, is grossed out by your behavior and that is saying something.