Instant Analysis: The Sessions Session

I don’t like Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. He’s a racist pinhead who has a problem with being questioned by a brilliant woman of color such as Sen. Kamala Harris. It would be fun to pit the two of them one-on-one because she really gets under Jeff Bo’s skin. I cannot imagine why. Actually, I can: there are two reasons. He resisted the temptation to call her uppity but you know he wanted to.

There were no earth-shaking revelations thereby proving that Jeff Bo isn’t as dumb as he looks. He floated the notion of preemptive executive privilege by stating that executive privilege was Trump’s to invoke and he wanted to retain his option to do so. Say what? This is a new concept. Of course, GOPers love going preemptive on the world’s ass as they did with the Iraq war. This is likely to turn out as badly as that.

Overall, I thought Intelligence Committee Democrats did well; even Joe Manchin made sense for a change. I guess he wasn’t late for a bill-shooting. And Ron Wyden had Jeff Bo sputtering like Porky Pig, which was most amusing even if it wasn’t terrible edifying.

The Harris-Sessions duel, however, was the centerpiece of the hearing. Jeff Bo was rattled, indignant, and amnesiac in his dealings with the rookie Senator/veteran prosecutor. She done good. Once again, Senator Walnuts acted like he was chairman and interrupted her. I guess he has a (Richard) Burr up his butt or something…

The Republican lowlights were Lankford of Oklahoma and Cotton of Arkansas. Lankford claimed that the story about Trump’s desire to fire Bobby Three Sticks came from an unsourced story. In fact, it came from Christopher Ruddy of Newsmax;¬†one of many extremists who has access to this President. And he said it on teevee. I guess Lankford inhaled too may gas fumes during his last meeting with the Okie oil men who own him.

As to Cotton, he’s shaved so he no longer looks like a diseased yak. That’s a good thing, but he went off on a spy/action movie tangent that was preposterous. I wonder if he plans to call Michael Bay to testify about whether the Russians have interfered with the new Transformers movie…

Congressional Republicans still seem *publicly* willing to go down with the Good Ship Trump. I’m not certain that they’re all that certain behind the scenes but certainty is in short supply nowadays. Except, that is, in the preceeding sentence.

The hearing was essentially all noise. Jeff Bo and his enablers danced around the crucial point: Trump told Lester Holt that he fired Comey over the Russia affair. All the shit about Jeff Bo’s sympathy for Hillary was bullshit and unworthy of the Senate’s attention. I’m glad Jack Reed called him on it. Score one for Rhode Island.

The hearing didn’t advance our knowledge of much of anything. Jeff Bo upheld a venerable Southern tradition and filibustered committee Democrats. He started off on the attack and ended up where he belongs: on the defensive. It was a display of very white privilege from a very white administration.

Jeff Bo used the weasel words familiar to everyone who has watched hearings such as this: “I don’t remember, I don’t recall. I’ve got no memory of anything at all.”

I just quoted Peter Gabriel, not Jeff Bo. That’s why PG gets the last word:


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