Sunday Morning Video: Chick Corea Meets Herbie Hancock

The two great jazz keyboard players had, of course, met before this joint appearance on Soundstage in 1974. The show features short sets by Return To Forever and the Headhunters followed by a Chick and Herbie piano duet.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: Chick Corea Meets Herbie Hancock

  1. M. Bouffant says:

    Lemme tell you my Chick Corea story. In maybe 1977 (40 yrs.! GACCKK!) I was working for an outfit that provided video services to musical outfits. We were asked to video one of Chick’s rehearsals; he was headed to Australia for a tour & a tee vee performance, & the simple B&W video I was to make was reference for the tee vee show.

    So I show up at the rehearsal hall, w/ camera & VCR, & no sooner am I inside than Mr. C.’s assistant appears & advises me that I am not to talk to Chick. Ever. if I have to say something to him (& there was absolutely no reason for me to do so, just had to set up the camera & roll before they started the rehearsal) I should go through her. Just struck me as very odd, as none of the other many well (& some better known) acts ever did anything similar. Not sure any of those acts even had “assistants”. Scientology minder, maybe?

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