2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: Chick Corea Meets Herbie Hancock

  1. Lemme tell you my Chick Corea story. In maybe 1977 (40 yrs.! GACCKK!) I was working for an outfit that provided video services to musical outfits. We were asked to video one of Chick’s rehearsals; he was headed to Australia for a tour & a tee vee performance, & the simple B&W video I was to make was reference for the tee vee show.

    So I show up at the rehearsal hall, w/ camera & VCR, & no sooner am I inside than Mr. C.’s assistant appears & advises me that I am not to talk to Chick. Ever. if I have to say something to him (& there was absolutely no reason for me to do so, just had to set up the camera & roll before they started the rehearsal) I should go through her. Just struck me as very odd, as none of the other many well (& some better known) acts ever did anything similar. Not sure any of those acts even had “assistants”. Scientology minder, maybe?

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