Nothing Grows When It’s This Dark: Game of Thrones Thread

Spoilers. Course.

Quick takes: I am sad now that we won’t get the epic boss bitch meetup that would have been Olenna adopting Lyanna Mormont as her new granddaughter. Olenna went out with nothing left. She put it all on the table, Joffrey’s murder and all. Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg, everybody.

STARK REUNION STARK REUNION STARK REUNION. It wasn’t the one I thought we were getting, but she’s on her way, and seeing Sansa and Bran sitting beneath the heart tree, where Catelyn and Ned sat all those years ago, felt right in a way this show rarely gets.

Speaking of Sansa, SHUT UP LITTLEFINGER. Jesus does he ever stop talking? I can’t imagine why she’s keeping him around, unless it’s to amuse us with her constant clowning on him. I could watch her own him all day. “You’re warning me that the woman who killed my mother and brother and father is dangerous? Any other hot tips, fuckface?”

As a card-carrying books nerd, I love Wyman Manderly being Sansa’s other most trusted advisor since he’s the only one in the books without his head up his ass.

Jon and Dany are gonna bone. It’s a matter of time, and the most boring option, and they’re vaguely related, and aside from squandering all her advantages it’s not like she’s got anything else going on. They leave me cold, though.

Davos. Honey. Stop falling in love with every half-ass monarch you meet. Jon isn’t worth the kind of love you gave Stannis and isn’t it a little early for a rebound king?

The world is spinning from the center. Think of the model universe in the Citadel, think of everything happening all at once. Think of Bran, his fingers in the roots of the trees, seeing Sansa in front of him and Sansa in her wedding dress. Take the element of time out of it, and watch everyone pick a path.

Jon had the choice to bend the knee. Seeing those dragons swooping overhead, meeting real live Dothraki for the first time, getting Told by Missandei, no one would have blamed him if he’d chosen to bow. A Targaryen isn’t something you mess with, but he stands firm.

Jaime could have held back with Cersei, refused to lead her armies, refuse to be lead into bed. He knows what she is, and he thinks there isn’t a way out, but there’s always a choice. Just not a choice you like.

Jorah could go anywhere, now that he’s cured. As far as he knows Dany could be dead or in hiding, or have forgotten all about him in her quest to stride around castles wearing leather curtains and yelling at Tyrion (the one choice in this episode I fully support, btw). Jorah could go home, or go north to his sister Lyanna, or back to the Free Cities, but he’s on his way to Danaerys. He chose her over Robert’s empty promises long ago.

Watch everything happen, before and after. Sam’s buried in a pile of books, with the paper mites and the secret passageways. The Brotherhood is riding the Riverlands. Arya’s on her way north. There are still so many choices to be made.


3 thoughts on “Nothing Grows When It’s This Dark: Game of Thrones Thread

  1. A, isn’t the other guy trailing Sansa around a Royce from the Vale? Lf had threatened him when he returned to the Vale after selling Sansa to the Boltons in the scene with a somewhat older Robin and a falcon. Not that it matters much.

    I’m crossing my fingers that Arya is in KL posing as the Iron Bank dude getting ready to collect the Tyrell gold.

    I loved Jorah. Humble, grateful. His queen will need him if she is still alive.

  2. interchangeable older british actors. keeping them straight. why i loved Hot Fuzz. also cockneys vs zombies. makes dr who extra fun.

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