How We Got Here

Whet has a fantastic history lesson for all those MAH GRANDPAPPY JUST TOOK A CHICKEN TO THE DOCTOR TO PAY bleaters out there. Most likely Gramps didn’t go to the doctor at all, even if there was a spare chicken around.


3 thoughts on “How We Got Here

  1. Michael D. Storey says:

    You are True
    Self medication was as alive in his (their) day as it is today
    Common to rely on a healer to set bones and maybe a midwife, but you reset pieces of broken teeth yourself with horse glue
    Alcohol was the self-med of choice
    I regret that in this time of healthcare crisis we find people self-medicating with such dangerous drugs

    • Snarki, child of Loki says:

      “Remember, folks, before you self-medicate with firearms, test to make sure that they effective on a nearby Trumper. “

  2. Ten Bears says:

    Witch doctoring is making a comeback.

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