Album Cover Art Wednesday: Bad Company

I’ve selected Bad Company’s debut album because the cover spawned the logo that the band uses to this day. The logo was designed by Hipgnosis and still  adorns Simon Kirke’s drum kit as well as providing a backdrop for their live shows.

I prefer the cover of the single of Can’t Get Enough to the LP back cover, so here it is:

Here’s the whole damn album via YouTube:

3 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Bad Company

  1. And a bloody good rock n’ roll album it is.

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  2. rob says:

    Hipgnosis were the Beatles of late ’66 s/70s design. You could trace them to “adulthood” just by looking at a “Saucer full of Secrets” to “Wish You Were Here”.
    Not to be accused of playgism, but I did a quick Google and damn if not a result that compared them to J,P,G & R.
    Other great covers Designers –
    Herbert Worthington – Rumours -Fleetwood Mac
    Ira Cohen – 12 Dreams of Dr.Sardonicus -Spirit
    Henry Diltz – Late For The Sky – Jackson Browne
    Neon Park – anything for Little Feat
    So many more that Robert Crumb influenced.



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