Party Is Going Down Tubes, Says Member of Bottom-of-the-Tubes Party

Jeff Flake:

SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, buttnugget! You’re a sitting U.S. senator and a member of that party. Don’t just go on Meet My Ass and loudly deplore the tone in the room as if you’re not the one with the keys to the server. Jesus H. Butter Poached Christ, these assholes, Flake and John McCain and the Dipshit Twins, Susan and Lisa, who are currently taking a victory lap for not killing their own constituents, like that’s a moral stand.

They get to go out there and have themselves a Mardi Gras for being barely human, because being barely human is bucking the Republican Party line, and nobody seems to notice that this means THE REPUBLICAN PARTY LINE WANTS TO KILL YOU. Opposing that isn’t a grand act of bravery, but all these fools want a chest full of ribbons like they’ve charged a Nazi machine gun nest.

Fuck Jeff Flake. Your party is going down the tubes? Going? Did you just sleep through the past four decades of welfare queens and charter schools and militia-fellating? You been to CPAC ever? Your modern-day party gave Confederates a soft place to land when they jumped off the Dem train after the Civil Rights Act. Going, he says, like that train ever had to leave the station.

I mean, if you wanted to grow a conscience, Jeffy, it’s not like you lacked opportunities. There was an illegal war based on bullshit that you are old enough to remember (I won’t insult all of us by implying you might have served in any of your party’s wars) but somehow THAT didn’t make you feel squishy inside. I wonder what could have changed.

Could it be … a book tour? Is that what’s gotten you all het up about the state of your party? NAH, you wouldn’t be that cynical.

And you know, as much as fuck you, Jeff Flake, fuck also everyone who is interviewing this asshole and not asking why now, why is this a bridge too far, why wasn’t “Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers” or “grab them by the pussy” the end of this, why wasn’t the end about twenty miles back?

Just look at this trash: 

While the things he lays out in his book may well endear him to independents and even Democrats in Arizona, the radical way he takes on Trump without [sic] abandon certainly won’t help him in his first test next year: A GOP primary, where challengers — who are being egged on by the White House — are already circling.

Jeff Flake has not voted to hold Trump accountable in any way except with his stupid word hole. How “radical” is it to vote for a guy’s agenda 93 percent of the time? How is that taking on someone with abandon? He’s not abandoning shit. He’s making bank, that’s all. Get back to me when he either accepts the Resistance as his personal savior or learns his own party’s history.