Old Tweets Never Die

There’s a  hurricane themed tweet from February making the rounds on the tweeter tube right now. I have no idea if the twit who tweeted it is a troll but it’s some crazy shit:

Where to start? Michelle Obama wasn’t FLOTUS in September, 2005 so it doesn’t matter if she went shopping. Besides, that’s a picture of then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. They should be frying Rice instead of Michelle. I don’t give a rat’s ass if Condi went shopping right after Katrina. Correct me if I’m wrong but there appears to be an iPhone in the picture. The first generation iPhone wasn’t released until June, 2007. Oops.

I didn’t bother to investigate the Rice photo because it’s more fun to pile on to Bikergirl4Trump whoever the hell she?he/it is. My hunch is that it’s a Team Trump troll because the account wasn’t created until March, 2016. Neither subtlety nor accuracy is important in Trumper troll world.

Old tweets never die but I wish they would fade away.

2 thoughts on “Old Tweets Never Die

  1. Not surprised they’d “remember” so vividly. Between the white hot rage from Team Wingnut — and the media that tagged every crisis from 2009-2017 as “Obama’s Katrina?”–more than a few true believers and/or low information types will insist…

    I realize it would have been at best very difficult for Obama to not let the Bush Administration fade away so quickly. Any attempt to hold them accountable would’ve been met with one hell of a shitstorm…but it’s unfortunate they couldn’t or didn’t follow Molly Ivins’ advice to tie Bush to the GOP like a dead chicken to the dog that killed it.

    Because now you’ve got the truly horrible Roger Stone (makes me almost throw up just writing his name) openly advocating violence should Trump be impeached…and the media is doing nothing more than noting this…we’re down the rabbit hole.

  2. As I recall Rice did go shopping, and there was something of a snit about black patent leather jack boots. Really, black patent leather jack boots.

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