Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “The Art Of The Squeal” edition

Good morning, all! After three flips and a flop, thus quoth The Darnold :

Donald Trump: Let DACA Recipients Stay; Not Amnesty ^ | 14 Sep 2017 | Charlie Spiering

Posted on 9/14/2017, 3:32:48 PM by Rockitz

President Donald Trump argued that allowing DACA recipients to stay in the United States would not be amnesty. “We’re looking at allowing people to stay here,” Trump said to reporters in Florida on Thursday.

He insisted that his deal with Democrats on DACA recipients would not be amnesty.

“We’re not looking at citizenship, we’re not looking at amnesty,” Trump said.

On Air Force One however, a White House spokesperson confirmed that “legal citizenship over a period of time” for DACA recipients would likely be part of a deal. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted that the plan would offer them a “path to citizenship.”


Legal status with a pathway to citizenship is NOT amnesty. So I guess that’s scratch number 7 here?


How has Trump screwed me?  Let me count the ways :

1. Secure the border in a transparently verifiable way;

2. End the anchor-baby interpretation of the 14th Amendment

3. Enforce e-verify without exception and with severe penalties;

4. End chain migration. Entry per individual qualifications; not family ties.

5. Deportation upon contact with any law enforcement agency- federal, state or local;

6. No government benefits beyond critical emergency care(and that ought to be billed back to the home government);

7. NO “Path to citizenship” EVER for anyone who has entered the us illegally.

1 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:32:48 PM by Rockitz

“Otherwise OK?”
“Spock! Analysis?”
To: Rockitz


The bastard has morphed into John McCain

2 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:36:46 PM by pissant ((Deport ’em all))

Not true!
McCain’s brain actually still works.
To: Rockitz


What happened to Trump?

One day swinging like Tyson, tweeting, defending America. The next acting like Jeff Sessions.

6 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:41:04 PM by FreedomStar3028 (Somebody has to step forward and do what is right because it is right, otherwise no one will follow.)

To: xzins


Call it what you want, worker permit, student grievance, non citizen status it’s illegal illegal illegal. Let’s not parse words…are they still here? Yes…are they here illegally? Yes….are they illegal aliens? Yes….

Why are they not gone?

8 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:41:27 PM by Jarhead9297

Because Baron Poostain Harkonnen can’t snap his fingers and make it happen?
To: Rockitz


Art of the deal
Wow, so much for his campaign promises..hope I’m wrong

10 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:42:46 PM by rainee (Her)

A Freeper even uses the T word, but fortunately, used a strikethrough.
To: Rockitz
” a White House spokesperson confirmed that ‘legal citizenship over a period of time’ “ 

None dare call it treasonamnesty.

14 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:44:00 PM by Governor Dinwiddie
That was a close one.
Click the lovely “read more” for more stunned realizations that they’ve been had…

One Freeper tries to jump out of the way of the oncoming train:
To: Rockitz


Too much Fake News and bad reporting on this.
Trump says there was no deal last night.

19 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:45:17 PM by Captain Peter Blood

To: xzins
…and then there’s this quote from the article.On Air Force One however, a White House spokesperson confirmed that “legal citizenship over a period of time” for DACA recipients would likely be part of a deal.

Maybe another phony source like the NY Slimes or WaPo, huh?

92 posted on 9/14/2017, 5:57:03 PM by Rockitz (This is NOT rocket science – Follow the money and you’ll find the truth.)
To: Rockitz


It IS amnesty.

The Trump stickers came off the car today. If he keeps this crap up there will be Dump Trump stickers on the car.

23 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:46:36 PM by Ray76 (Republicans are a Democrat party front group.)

Oh, that’ll show him.
I’m sure he’s having an all-hands meeting right now to discuss it.
To: dp0622


Ya but this isn’t looking good. He shouldn’t even need to work with the democrats. But the GOP refuse to work with Trump. What the flying fluck!

26 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:47:39 PM by FreedomStar3028 (Somebody has to step forward and do what is right because it is right, otherwise no one will follow.)

Um – slight correction :
When your chickens come home to roost, that’s a flying FLOCK.
You’re welcome.
To: pissant


Trump has done some pretty decent things this year.

He will do still more.

I don’t agree with him on DACA. I think it’s misguided and not justified by the facts, at all.

Has John McCain done much decent in the last thirty years?

Will he ever do much decent?

We’re not going to win on everything. I think most of us knew that going in. If he delivers on 75% of what he said he would, I’ll be very happy. I’d be happy at 50%.

37 posted on 9/14/2017, 3:55:13 PM by DoughtyOne (7.5 mos M/R joining dems to block Cons. agenda? No problem. Trump deal w/Dems, big problem! Ah NO!)

How about –
To: xzins
Trump did not say there is a path to citizenship. Others, including Pelosi, did. A worker permit is not cotizenship.

On Air Force One, a White House spokesman said there would be “legal citizenship over a period of time”. So either Trump is playing another word game and we are getting the truth from a White House spokesman, or the spokesman should no longer be employed.

You kids can call it whatever you want, but those of us who are older remember George W. Bush, John McCain, Teddy Kennedy, Rick Perry, etc. pushing for the “guest worker” b.s. back around 2006 that would offer a path to “legal citizenship” as well.

54 posted on 9/14/2017, 4:14:30 PM by af_vet_rr
To: All
“We’re looking at allowing people to stay here” Trump said. 

“Read my lips, no new taxes.”

56 posted on 9/14/2017, 4:15:08 PM by Oldeconomybuyer (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.)
Don’t forget, people – this is The Base, not some dim-witted focus group.
These are the people who turned out in record numbers because they believed anything – hell, EVERYTHING – The Darnold said.
To: Rockitz


If we want to be real the Dreamers were staying no matter what. But it is a pretty shitty deal to explicitly cave on it for nothing but a vague promise? of a border wall and absolutely no credit or political capital at all. Trump is still every bit the racist and xenophobe to practically everybody after this as he was before.

66 posted on 9/14/2017, 4:22:12 PM by jarwulf

You say that like it’s a BAD thing.
To: Rockitz
We learned nothing from the 1986 amnesty. This is nothing more than total capitulation. He’s giving the dems exactly what they want and we don’t get the wall….but we do get jack squat.Put as much lipstick on this pig as you want, but this is losing, big time.

69 posted on 9/14/2017, 4:26:12 PM by Mase (Save me from the people who would save me from myself!)
I think that it’s finally seeping through the alleged brains of even the dimmest Freeperati:
To: af_vet_rr
Semantics…all of it. 

I am so very saddened by this. Just went out and ripped the Trump bumper sticker off my rusty Subaru. The sticker that just said TRUMP 2016, long before he even had a running mate! Long before he won the primary.

Oh no! Not ANOTHER bumper sticker gone? The horror……..the horror………

In Maryland you have to be brave to drive around with a Trump bumper sticker. I did! I thought he was my President.

Donated $100 every month to Trump’s campaign, before he even won the primary.

I trusted this man.

double dumbass

Burn me once…SHAME ON YOU! YOU LIED!

Don’t think I will ever bother to vote again. Thank goodness I’m old enough that it won’t matter.

71 posted on 9/14/2017, 4:30:52 PM by MortgageLifter

That’s a Republican for you.
As long as it doesn’t affect them personally, they don’t give a fuck WHAT happens.
Their own kids? Their own grandkids?
Fuck ’em. Let them fend for themselves.
I’ve noticed that so-called “conservatives” are really just sociopaths in training.
Greed enters into it, of course, but the real hallmark is loss of empathy. It starts with groups of people they don’t have any contact with (people in other countries, people who have been born into situations they couldn’t imagine, and things that would make them cry like a child if they happened to them) and then expands.
As it grows, their loss of empathy extends to people who occupy the same world but are somehow (usually through lack of hustle) inferior to them, and undeserving of help.
Their circle of give-a-fuck gets smaller and smaller and smaller over time until – guess what? It only extends to them and their immediate families.
And then, in the end, it only extends to them.
And that is the textbook definition of sociopathy.
To: pissant


I certainly hope not. My jury is still out.
BTW – not sure this forum has moved beyond elevating itself from the W Bush purges.

We lost a lot of good, intelligent bloggers during the “thou shalt not criticize the “Dauphine W”.

86 posted on 9/14/2017, 5:18:22 PM by Original Lurker

Good, intelligent bloggers?
On Free Republic?
Did I miss something?
To: Rockitz


This third term for Obama is not to my liking.

111 posted on 9/14/2017, 11:31:28 PM by Dagnabitt (MAGA was code for “Sucker”)

If only…
To: rainee


Campaign promises:

Hillary in jail-not done

arms to Syrian rebels stop-not done

repeal of Obama are- not done

out of Afghanistan-not done

wall-not done

Mexican funding for wall-not done

Feel like I AM still missing a ton of the promises not done or where the opposite has been done.

115 posted on9/15/2017, 12:27:27 AM by Freedom of Speech Wins

And now – the post of the thread!
To: Cololeo
If nothing passes, Trump gets to blame Congress, DACA expires, and all is well.

Here we go again.
123 posted on 9/15/2017, 1:25:48 AM by itsahoot (As long as there is money to be divided, there will be division.)
Very interesting.
But stupid.
See you fine folk next Monday!

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