Friday Catblogging: Classic Oscar & Della

Many people have asked me how Della Street is taking the absence of her big brother. She’s confused. She’s spent some time wandering about the house looking for him. When Dr. A and I sit on the couch she scans us, knowing something is missing. The couch was Oscar’s natural habitat so that’s understandable. We miss him too, kiddo.

Here’s an old picture of Oscar and Della snuggling.

One thought on “Friday Catblogging: Classic Oscar & Della

  1. Oh, man, I am so sorry. I found your site after the Great Calamity 11 months back. Most Friday mornings since, I’ve come for the cats, stayed for the writing and music. Oscar and Della — and your ideas and words — have become a little punctuation mark for the end of the week.

    The little beasts we strangely share our homes with are so damn hard to say good-bye to. Maybe you know Neruda’s Ode to a Cat, maybe not. A friend shared it with me when I lost the imperious half-Siamese Spike Raul six years back. Its truth and whimsy made me feel a little better. Maybe it will for you, too.

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