Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Impressions

The Impressions were one of the most politically engaged bands of the 1960’s as well as one of the most soulful. In fact, co-founder Jerry (The Iceman) Butler was first elected a Cook County Commissioner in 1985 and still serves on the board. Curtis Mayfield stuck to making music until his death in 1999.

It’s hard to imagine two more contrasting album covers than 1964’s Keep On Pushing and 1968’s This Is My Country. Both albums featured a civil rights anthem as the title track.The earlier album reflected the optimism of 1964 and the second album the despondency of 1968. Same band, wildly different times.

It’s title track time:


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  1. While with The Impressions, Curtis Mayfield wrote People Get Ready, one of the best songs of the ’60s.
    Here’s the Rev. Al Green with Mavis Staples:

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