Tuesday Foodblogging

Mmm, fall.

I used to make this ridiculously complicated Bon Appetit gingerbread cake recipe, because my little sister loved it, even though you had to grate fresh ginger and let it sit in sugar overnight and then brew coffee and mix it with the molasses and it was all too much, basically, plus it made a cake the size of Long Island and nobody but my sister really loved the stuff.

This is much easier to do, makes less so less waste and/or guilt-gorging, and delicious. 


One thought on “Tuesday Foodblogging

  1. joejoejoe says:

    This recipe for bread pudding is good for fall. Every ingredient can be adjusted to taste, it uses old stale bread, and the key step in preparation is squishing the mixture with a fork. And it smells up your house good. Good times.



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