Missing In Inaction

When it comes to writing, I’m a creature of habit, so writing a post on my iPhone is a first for me. I prefer sitting in my study at my desktop when composing. I wish I could write on a laptop at a cafe but I cannot. So it goes.

Our modem died on Sunday. Even worse we were six episodes in to Stranger Things 2. The nerd squad’s exploits will have to await the arrival of the new modem. So it goes.

Being unable to write on Indictment Monday came close to killing me. One of my countrymen is the first known witness for the prosecution? My late father would have denied his Greekness and claimed he was adopted. I considered it but then I saw a picture of Papadopoulos and knew he was one of us. Oh well, what can ya do? Not a damn thing.

It looks as if some of my regular features will go by the wayside this week. But I have a lot to say about the Mueller probe and plan to do so when I’m not typing with one finger on this tiny keyboard. There should be some sort of Saturday Odds & Sods since I hate to be irregular with my weekend regulars.

One more thing: Fuck the Dodgers. Ah, that felt good.


2 thoughts on “Missing In Inaction

  1. Ouch on the modem. Can you use the iPhone as a wireless hot spot and connect the desktop until the new modem’s in place?


    One had to go part of a weekend on my (Android) phone’s hot spot after a Cox tech mistakenly disconnected me at the telephone pole. Was not the happiest of campers, but it worked ok enough in a pinch.

  2. NO NO NO, “A.” Go Dodgers GO!! I forgive your temporary insanity. Tee-Hee!!

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