The Myth of a Reckoning

I don’t think I find anything as exhausting as I find the constant expectation that Republican voters will realize who and what they are, who and what they vote for, and awake in horror from what is presumed to be a fever-fog to come back to reality.

Trump’s election was gonna do it, hold a mirror up to these decaying segregationists and show them what they are now. They’d recoil, and correct, and behave themselves forthwith, swinging back to the center like the grown-ups we know they secretly are.


That’s happened.

And now Roy Moore is going to be the thing that does it.

If they elect a pedophile, and they seat a pedophile, then oh then we’ll be able to show the world what they’re really like. Never mind that nominating a pedophile should have been the last straw. Never mind that nominating and then electing and then seating an accused rapist as president should have been enough. Roy Moore is gonna be the final nail in the GOP coffin!

Tell it to the zombies smashing coffee makers on YouTube because Sean Hannity told them to. Tell it to the zombies booing football teams they’ve loved since childhood because Pence flounced out of a stadium. Tell it to the zombies gleefully chittering lies all day about Malia Obama being questioned by the FBI.

We all thought BUSH was so bad the GOP couldn’t nominate someone lower and then Sarah Palin came strutting across the stage.

What if the reckoning doesn’t come? What if there is no tipping point? What if they elect Roy Moore and seat Roy Moore and he votes for tax cuts and confirms Trump’s judiciary picks like all the other unsuitable motherfuckers currently fucking mothers up and down the aisles of the U.S. Senate every single day? What then? What’s the next thing that’ll cause this great imaginary self-reflection? What’s the next rung down on this bottomless ladder?

Don’t say they can’t get worse than this. Don’t cheer each act of destruction as getting us closer to some kind of apotheosis. You have no idea how far down this goes.


6 thoughts on “The Myth of a Reckoning

  1. In his book The Stand, Stephen King kills off most of humanity with a superflu virus with a 90% or better mortality rate. One of the characters, trying to cope with the new reality, begins memorizing stuff from Before, reciting a litany of things that used to be true or important or part of her life (e.g., Nolan Ryan was a famous baseball pitcher).

    Similarly, I think we should remember a few of the egregious actions and people foisted upon us by the Republicans. There’s no bottom to their sanctimony, no end to their smug. Everyone’s list will be different, but we should keep in mind bullshit things and people like Attorney General Jeff Sessions (pairs nicely with Attorneys General Gonzales and Meese) and serious Senate candidates like Roy Moore and Alan Keyes.

  2. I lived through Nixon.
    I remember the day somebody shot JFK in Dallas.
    This ain’t my first rodeo.
    But these uckers have been lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut since before Reagan, and they’re not gettin’ better.
    Harder to believe they’re serious about lettin’ run loose, never mind run for office.

    We gotta start somewhere, and if Virginia and Oklahoma election results haven’t woke you up yet, here’s a clue: we’re burnin’ daylight.

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