Republicans In Disarray

After decades of “Democrats In Disarray” headlines, it’s a pleasure to write this post title. Mind you, Democrats are still in disarray, but the usually orderly GOP is as disheveled as Steve Bannon and as chaotic as Donald Trump’s feverish little brain. It’s a joy to behold.

This refreshing disunity has been increased by the delightfully divisive Roy Moore campaign in Alabama. Even if Judge Pervert wins, he has caused a boatload of trouble for GOPers across the country.

Bannon loves a fight and he went after Willard Mittbot Romney yesterday. Why? This tweet:

Bannon was in Alabama, campaigning for Judge Pervert and responded thusly:

Bannon took a dig at Romney for not serving in the Vietnam War while noting that Moore did.

“You hid behind your religion. You went to France to be a missionary while guys were dying in rice paddies in Vietnam. Do not talk to me about honor and integrity,” Bannon said.

And what about the Insult Comedian and his 5 bone spur deferments, Steverino?

It’s great fun to see Republicans eviscerate a former nominee. It’s what Democrats have done to losing presidential candidates my entire lifetime. It’s one reason why former nominees rarely run again even if they lost in a squeaker like Humphrey or Kerry, and not even if they won the popular vote like Gore or HRC. I’d like to thank Bannon for sounding like a Democrat. Holy double edged comment, Batman.

The failing New York Times had a swell article this morning about how Trump’s chaotic style is disrupting Republican campaign plans. They seem to have gone from being the daddy party to the toddler party in one election cycle.

Here’s a deeply moving segment from the Martin-Haberman piece:

As the party prepares for a midterm election that could bring a fierce backlash against a historically unpopular president, Republicans are growing more alarmed that a difficult race could be made worse without some semblance of planning to avert more discord.

Some top party officials say they are worried that the political environment may prove punishing enough to cost Republicans control of the House.

But an organization that can fend off such a landslide does not appear in the offing. In a departure from every modern White House, Mr. Trump himself largely dictates whom to back and how to support his preferred candidates. Even before tensions between the president and Senate Republicans flared back up over Mr. Moore’s candidacy, there was little regular communication between West Wing officials and Republicans overseeing the 2018 races, Republicans say.

The scheduled meetings between the White House, the Republican National Committee and the House and Senate campaign committees stopped months ago. Congressional officials find it difficult to get presidential signoffs for even small requests like using Mr. Trump’s name in direct-mail appeals, according to party officials. And less than a month until the election year begins, he has not scheduled a single fund-raiser for a candidate running for the House, Senate or governor.

That’s why one of my nicknames for the president* is the Kaiser of Chaos. Winging it won’t work in a mid-term election but it’s the only way Trump knows how to operate.

I’m actually gobsmacked that Trump hasn’t scheduled any fundraisers. It’s the thing real presidents do; even unpopular Oval Ones can raise money. One would think Trumpy would enjoy touring the sticks and shaking down suckers.

I threw away my crystal ball on 11/9/2016 so I’m not picking a winner in the Moore-Jones race. Judge Pervert is favored but Doug Jones is fighting the good fight so I hope he pulls an upset. It’s still win-win for Democrats because we’ll be able to tie Roy Moore around the GOP’s neck until they choke on his pervy, pervy ways.

All this Bama blather has made me want to hear the song that was onAlabama license plates from 2002 to 2009. Well, the title at least:

3 thoughts on “Republicans In Disarray

  1. Your last line defames the great, great Hoagy Carmichael, and music played and sung by Ray Charles, Lady Ella, and so many others. Let them rest in peace. If they were alive today, they would be spinning in their graves.

  2. It’s no surprise that Lord Littlehands isn’t doing fund-raisers for other candidates. He filed his own re-election campaign the day after inauguration (keeping at least one promise of something he was going to do on Day One of his administration), and his public appearances have been exclusively campaign events so as to keep the riff-raff (read: Americans who might not lurve them some Donald Trump) out of the facility.

    If they money isn’t going into Donnie’s pocket, Donnie ain’t there.

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