Tuesday Foodblogging

I love sweet potato fries and kept fucking them up in the oven until I found this recipe. I made them for Thanksgiving and even Kick, who will not suffer a sweet potato to remain in her presence, gobbled them right up. They actually crunched.

Tangentially related: I cannot abide a thick, mushy french fry. I know people love those big fat steak fry things and I don’t get you, steak fry people. It’s a baked potato, basically, so why not just eat that? I like a baked potato but I do not like a large baked-potato-basically thing masquerading as a french fry on a menu. Give me the thin ones, and make them super crunchy, and call the steak fries something else besides fries.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Foodblogging

  1. Fraud Guy says:

    Our local Culver’s used to serve sweet potato fries with a drizzle of marshmallow sauce and of cinnamon sauce (used as flavoring for their shakes), until corporate stopped the latter flavor. Very addictive.

  2. tomshefchik says:

    Thanks for the link to all the sweet potato recipes. I will definitely try several. I guess you don’t like the In-And-Out Burger fries. Big and mushy. I get a craving once in a while. Happy Holidays!

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