Fight Like You’re Gonna Lose and It Don’t Matter

Go on now, Alabama. Do this:

And as always, as ever, by the Holy Hand of Howard Dean, First of the 50 State Strategy, this is how every Senate seat held by a Republican should be fought. If you don’t show up for every fight, for every seat, every time, everywhere, how on earth can you possibly ask people to vote for you? For your party? If you don’t contest every one — and don’t give me the dry powder, for what you pay management at think tanks you could cure death — how are any upsets supposed to happen ever?

You’re supposed to fight every fight, even the ones you’re gonna lose. You’re supposed to fight like you know you’ve lost and YOU DON’T GIVE NO FUCKS NO MORE. You’re supposed to fight like the fight is all you’ve got, and lose and lose and lose and lose and lose until you win.

Until everybody sees you fighting and everybody knows.

So go on, Alabama and everything decent in it. Go out there and lose if you have to. Sharpen your teeth and make the GOP pay dearly for anything they manage to take. And if they take this one, fight the next one and the next one and the next.