You Fight Every Fight Because Sometimes You Win

Douglas Jones, First of His Name, Senator of the State of Alabama, Scourge of Klansman, Rightful Owner of Roy Moore’s Horse and Protector of the Realm, come sit on the Iron Throne, you glorious brave motherfucker: 

Alabama Senate election 2017 live updates: Democrat Doug Jones wins Alabama Senate race

Unlikely victories in the face of impossible odds are unlikely because the odds are impossible; still, isn’t it so much better to have fought?

I was yammering away on Twitter earlier today about John Kerry and 2004, and oh boy have I backed losers in campaigns before then (McCain in 2000) and since (Chris Of All People Dodd in 2008), but never once have I voted for someone I was ashamed to vote for, nor been sorry I was on the losing side. We’re not in this for peace. We’re not in this for victory. We’re in this because we’re in this, cats and kittens, every single day.

Helluva job showing up for it, Alabama. Helluva job.