Cheesy Like An Omarosa: Soul Sistahs

The woman the  world (and  Piers Morgan) loves to hate was shitcanned from the Trump White House last week. Nobody knew what Omarosa did except for stir the pot and remind the Insult Comedian of his glory days as the “You’re Fired” dude.

The main reason I like Omarosa is her pun-worthy reality teevee villainess (villainette?) name. I’ve already made the mighty like a rose pun on her moniker once and it’s past time for a rerun. No residuals for you, hon.

I read an outstanding piece this morning at The Cut about Omarosa’s exit  by Help Me Rhonda Garelick. (I added the help me, which could be interpreted as a cry for help: Help Me Rhonda, I think I’m falling.) I learned therein that there’s a cheesy sci-fi short called Soul Sistahs about Omarosa plotting with a stereotypical Jewish “lady” in a housecoat to steal a lock of Donald Trump’s hair. I am not making this up. Why would I? It’s a terrible idea executed in a way that makes the host segments on MST3K look like fancy-schmancy CG animation. In a word: cheesy.

I’ll skip additional punning on Garelick’s name and quote her description of Soul Sistahs:

A mash-up of 1960s sci-fi TV, Blaxploitation and the Wizard of OzSoul Sistahs features Omarosa playing herself, styled as a superhero-vixen. Wearing skin-tight red PVC pants and matching bra, she faces off against “Ruby,” an outer-space drag yenta in a housecoat (played by director Todd). Ruby dispatches “Lady O” to steal a lock of hair from “the most powerful man in the universe,” Donald Trump. (The hair has magical, money-making powers.) Omarosa accomplishes her task, but betrays Ruby and keeps for herself the stolen tresses whose power then “enters her body.”

While short, the film packs a hefty racist and anti-Semitic punch: Omarosa is described as a “sexy, sassy, slinky beast,” and a “Nubian witch.”  Ruby, played as a nasal, money-grubbing Jewess with a heavy Brooklyn accent, even raises that other racist old film motif, cannibalism, wondering whether a cooked Omarosa would taste like a “burnt knish.” The film ends with Omarosa, having absorbed Trump’s power, laughing maniacally and declaring herself the new ruler of the universe.

Soul Sistahs is among the sleaziest, tackiest, and dumbest things I’ve ever seen. If you want to see Omarosa in skimpy clothes riding a motorcycle, this short film is for you.

Drag Yenta Ruby is so OTT that she makes Beverly Goldberg look and sound like a WASP from Nebraska. At least Bev is a woman as opposed to a dude in a bad wig and an Edith Bunker housecoat; nobody would want this Ruby to take her love to town.  Btw, I love The Goldbergs, especially Bev’s bedazzled garments and the fact that Big Tasty is played by an actor with the last name of Gentile. Oy, just oy.

Soul Sistahs is truly one of the weirdest pop-culture artifacts I’ve ever seen. As Archie or the Donald would surely say at this point: Stifle, dingbat and show da movie.

Plan to hate watch this ten minute flick ASAP. The producers charge $2.99 on Vimeo and they’re bound to go after the free copies on the YouTube. It’s not worth 29 cents let alone 2.99. As Drag Yenta Ruby would say: Oy just oy.

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