Nobody’s Coming But Us

Lookit this.

Ain’t nobody saving journalism but journalism. Certainly not the corporate disaster artists who’ve gutted and skullfucked newspaper companies for the last 30 years while complaining about the Internet and blaming “market forces” for them not being able to get a paper on a porch before 7 a.m.

Ain’t nobody coming, and it’s long past time we stopped waiting and feeling shitty about the way things are going, and picked up our axes instead. There’s enough money there, if you’re not wasting it on flying your executives around and paying your board and worrying about shareholders’ quarterly returns.

I’ve always heard a lot of sarcastic cracks about journalists being unable to manage money, and God damn, journalists aren’t the ones who’ve upfucked this business. They’re usually the ones screaming about having to go without raises for five years while the higher-ups throw a fancy party. They’re usually the ones noting that the last CEO’s buyout would have paid them all three times over. They’re usually the ones on the phone listening to people bitch that the paper used to cover their neighborhood and doesn’t anymore.

So it’s about time they get to handle all of it, control their own destiny, and at least then if there’s no money they’ll know where they stand.

I backed it. You should too.


One thought on “Nobody’s Coming But Us

  1. I’m chipping in the browser tablet next to this one but I’m not sure whether to be worried or encouraged by the hand wavy “ICO y’all!” frippery of the underlying “Civil” platform. Hoping they can manage to keep a site up and keep writing regardless of their association with decentralized blockchain web 3.0 hyper-contextual AI managed synergies.

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