No Country For Creepy Old Men

Image by Caitrin Muldoon Gladow.

Gret Stet Senator John Neely Kennedy fancies himself something of a peckerwood Oscar Wilde. Neely was asked a what if question because of the Stephanie Clifford/Stormy Daniels versus Donald Trump/David Dennison brouhaha. Neely stepped into a steaming pile of political shit and immediately put his foot in his mouth:

Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R-La.), whose pithy comments have made him a favorite among congressional reporters, was tight-lipped Wednesday when asked how Republicans would have reacted if President Barack Obama was accused of having had an affair with a porn star.

“I don’t know,” Kennedy said before offering up a blanket condemnation of sexual harassment. “That’s the way I feel about it. This is no country for creepy old men.”

After starting to walk away, Kennedy quickly turned back to a reporter with an urgent clarification: His comments were not intended to reflect poorly on President Trump.

So, the clarification is that the Insult Comedian is a dirty old man?

Neely just discovered that it’s not always good to be a font of Hee-Haw style hick wisdom. Given how red the Gret Stet of Louisiana is nowadays, Neely might flee reporters the next time they want a quote about presidential* hijinks. Nah, you can’t teach an old, creepy fake hick new tricks.