Client Number 3

Everything involving Michael Cohen has a zany aspect:

In a letter Sunday night, Cohen’s attorneys claimed that Cohen had been engaged in “traditional legal tasks” with at least three clients in 2017 through 2018. The letter named President Donald Trump, who has already sought to get involved in the current dispute over the seized documents, and Elliot Broidy, a GOP fundraiser for whom Cohen arranged a hush payment for a Playboy model he impregnated, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Cohen resisted naming the third client, citing his client’s preference that his identity not be made public.

And Client Number 3 is Sean Hannity.

I wonder if hush money was involved? Hannity has always had a devoted family man facade so it if it is, this is getting juicier by the day. From now on, I shall call Hannity Client Number 3. I’d like to thank Michael Cohen for helping me out. That’s much funnier than Fox News Meathead even if the latter is true.

Pass the popcorn and cue the Hannity GIF:

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2 thoughts on “Client Number 3

  1. Ewwwwe ….Sean “thou protests too much” Hannity may have had a hand job or something from someone NOT his wife!
    Now why oh why would anyone or where oh where would anyone … get THAT idea???
    Answer: The lawyer of the lawyer who represents THREE clients ONLY!
    TWO of which he arranged NDA and payments of 100’s of thousand to over a million dollars to WOMEN to NOT disclose their sexual “relationships” and an abortion with anyone!
    AND …then there IS … Sean!
    Yet ANOTHER powerful multi-millionaire who tonight will be screaming “NOT the face …NOT the face!” to MRS Hannity as SHE interrogate … erraah … interview HIM!
    TMZ …before and after photos is called for!

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