The Party’s Over

I awoke to the least surprising news ever: Doctor/Admiral Ronny Jackson has withdrawn his nomination as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. That perfects his status as the latest, and perhaps most pitiful, Trump dignity wraith. Jackson’s exit triggered yet another presidential* meltdown this time via phone on his favorite teevee show, Fox & Friends.

In many ways, Jackson is the perfect Trump underling: he’s the kind of guy who kisses up and kicks down. He turns out to be something of a Jekyll and Hyde character. I suspect former Presidents Bush and Obama only saw genial Dr. Hyde, not Jekyll/Haskell.  Haskell as in teevee bully Eddie. The GOP is full of jerks who suck up to those above them on the food chain and abuse their employees. It’s an inhuman part of the human equation. I’ve been known to call it the Eddie Haskell factor.

Trump is already scapegoating Montana Senator Jon Tester who brought all the Jax trash to public attention. Now that he’s been testy with Tester, how long will it be until he blames Barack Obama, Frank Zappa, or Gus McCrae? You might recall Gus as the loquacious fictional cowboy in Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove. It’s his fault that I always call the Big Sky State, Montany, I’m unsure who to blame for my failure to become a dental floss tycoon…

The worst thing about the Jackson nomination is not that he’s a drunken sailor. It’s that he lacks any qualifications for one of the most difficult jobs in the federal government. The last thing the VA needs is a guy known for his explosive temper and horrible management skills. We already have a president* who is reminiscent of Captain Queeg of Caine Mutiny fame, we don’t need one in charge of the health of our veterans. I wonder if Trumpy plays with ball bearings a la Queeg while watching teevee:

Nah, that would interfere with his tweeting. Queeg on the witness stand = Trump testifying. He might, however, play with a different set of balls if, that is, he can find them.

What have we learned from the demise of the latest Trump dignity wraith? Not a damn thing. We already knew that Trump’s governing style, such as it is, is arbitrary, capricious, and whimsical. That’s why I call him the Kaiser of Chaos.

The last word goes to someone much too classy to praise Trump for his “dragon energy.” I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, they’re both Kanye men. King Cole was not. Hit it, Nat:


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