Happy Birthday, Mel Brooks

It’s been a harrowing few weeks for the country. It’s yet another reason to remind you that not everything sucks. I’d forgotten about this landmark until I saw this tweet from Herriman biographer and Laissez Boy, Michael Tisserand:

Mel Brooks is one of my comedic heroes. He awakens funny, is funny for lunch, and hilarious for dinner. He never stops, even at the advanced age of 92 He’s a national treasure. Here’s the great comic with Dick Cavett:

Here’s a comedy summit meeting featuring Mel Brooks and Johnny Carson:

I have one more clip for your entertainment, here’s the birthday boy with his dear friend Carl Reiner:

Happy Birthday, Mel. Here’s the obligatory ending, for me at least:



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mel Brooks

  1. Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Buck Henry, Bob Newhart all still with us. Ain’t that something?!

  2. Two years ago, I attended a screening of Blazing Saddles at Radio City Music Hall. After the movie, there was a Q and A with The Man Himself, Mel Brooks.

    Well, it was supposed to be a Q and A; I think the moderator was lucky to get 1 or 2 questions in. Mel came out so full of energy he couldn’t stay seated — he jumped up and stalked the stage for an hour, telling jokes, telling stories, answering questions and kept the entire audience in stitches the whole time.

    A man half his age would envy his energy and acuity. It was magical and I feel so lucky to have been there.

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