Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor Candidates

Gimme your people nobody’s paying any attention to right now who deserve more attention, lest they shock the New York Times and actually, you know, get elected to represent their districts/people.

Jude will start, with Arvina Martin, who’s running to become Wisconsin’s first Native American Secretary of State.  

You can donate to her here.

Post yours in the comments and peruse, those of you with means, so as to give your dollars to races not already swimming in money.


2 thoughts on “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor Candidates

  1. This is a real conundrum for me. My congressthing is the very picture of an ineffectual backbencher. He is facing a real primary challenger for the first time ever. But he’s on the Transportation Committee, and in every funding cycle manages to wheedle an appropriation to continue the long-running (since 2010) project to extend the subway system in my direction, which really would be awesome. What to do?

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