Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Cave

I mentioned this book in my post about the Thai cave rescues. It’s one of those books that lodged itself in my consciousness when I read it many years ago. It’s the story of a young man trapped in a cave in Tennessee. I won’t tell you what happened since the book is well-worth reading for both the tale and the telling.

A point of order: my LSU friends are likely to object to a Warren book popping up in this feature. The Cave is literary fiction but the paperback covers are on the pulpy side. Besides, its my party and I’ll cry it I want to.

2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Cave

  1. Remember seeing this on my parents’ bookshelf as a kid. The cover on the left.

  2. El Marko says:

    “College boys from LSU, went in dumb, come out dumb too…”
    Randy Newman

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