Racism. It’s Racism. It’s Always Racism. (Sometimes Abortion, But Mostly Racism.)

In which the Washington Post twists itself into a pretzel trying to understand what’s in like the third paragraph of their own goddamn story:  

At the same time, many have acknowledged the awkwardness of being both self-proclaimed followers of Jesus and the No. 1 champions of a president whose character has been defined not just by alleged infidelity but accusations of sexual harassment, advancing conspiracy theories popular with white supremacists, using language that swaths of Americans find racist, routinely spreading falsehoods and an array of casual cruelties and immoderate behaviors that amount to a roll call of the seven deadly sins.

The predicament has led to all kinds of reactions within the evangelical community, from a gathering of pastors in Illinois described as a “call to self-reflection,” to prayer meetings with Trump in Washington, to hours of cable news reckoning in which Southern Baptists have taken the lead.

There are two reasons for these so-called Christians to vote for Trump:


The idea of putting in place a Supreme Court that will outlaw abortion, which isn’t about ending abortion but is about denying it to sluts, which isn’t even about that so much as it’s about performing to your fellow churchgoers that you are moral. Narcissism, basically, then.

That’s it. That’s all this is but let’s have another 5,000 words about how difficult the dilemma these white people face. I mean, come on:

A few leaders have publicly dissented from such views, aware of the Southern Baptist history of whiffing on the big moral questions of the day — such as during the civil rights era, when most pastors either defended segregation or remained silent.

I wonder what the common thread here is?

To her, this was a moral threat far greater than any character flaw Trump might have, as was what she called “the racial divide,” which she believed was getting worse. The evidence was all the black people protesting about the police, and all the talk about the legacy of slavery, which Sheila never believed was as bad as people said it was. “Slaves were valued,” she said. “They got housing. They got fed. They got medical care.”

It’s a mystery.

This story, by the way, is beautiful and compassionate and loving toward the people being quoted, and it’s wonderfully written, and I wish literally any other group of political constituents got this kind of humanizing on a daily basis. I wish the people making truly hard moral choices were lionized the way those failing them are.


2 thoughts on “Racism. It’s Racism. It’s Always Racism. (Sometimes Abortion, But Mostly Racism.)

  1. I have a serious crush on you and your writing, Allison, but I had a different takeaway from this well-written, well-reported story.

    To me, she was revealing these people for the insular, intolerant racists they are by her powers of observation and by giving them plenty of rope.

    My only quibble was not pointing out more blatantly how the preacher punted on addressing the 800lb elephant in the room. No, not Herr Drumpf, but the obvious hypocrisy he wrestled with.

    It won the bout by decision.

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