To Hell With The Trump Base

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about the vaunted Trump base. It causes Republican Senators to retire and Congresscritters to wet their pants in fear. Their entire political world is based on doing nothing that will upset the Trump base. They’re obsessed with Republican primary voters, which will cost them dearly in the next general election as long as our people turn out.

The power of the Republican base is wildly overrated. It’s ridiculous nonsense to anyone who can count. The number of voters who identify with the GOP has been declining for years. There are currently 25-26% of the voters who call themselves Republicans. That means the 88% of Republicans who support Trump make up 23-24% of the total electorate. That’s why the GOP has long been devoted to voter suppression culminating in 2016 where the Trump/Bannon/Russian strategy was to depress the Democratic vote. It worked then but we’re on to them.

The bottom line is that the vast majority of Americans do not support this president*. If they turn out to vote in November, Republicans will lose the House and hopefully the Senate and a slew of state house races. There is a solid anti-Trump majority in the country and the hardcore Trump base makes up at most 1/4 of the voting public. Their only hope is that Democrats and Independents stay home. Don’t give them that satisfaction. Vote them out. As Al Gore was fond of saying in 1992,  “It’s time for them to go.”

I was probably too polite in my post title. Here’s what I should have said:


That concludes this political pep talk. Class dismissed.

7 thoughts on “To Hell With The Trump Base

  1. I agree, and I continue to jettison people I once considered friends, but no longer can due to their unwavering support of Agent Orange. I cannot abide anyone who still likes him and all that he’s doing.

  2. Whether you like her or not (I think she’s a a super candidate) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nails it when she talks about widening or broadening the electorate. Hell yeah.

  3. The “Trump Base” should be given the same tender, considerate, response as was given to voters for Hitler in 1932:

    They can DIAF.

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