Wingnuts Can’t Count

I hate what the Republicans have done to the House of Representatives. It was never a perfect institution (nothing human ever is) but, beginning with Newt Gingrich, they’ve transformed it into a theatre of the absurd. I almost called it a Kabuki theatre but I don’t want to confuse Jason Spencer into thinking that’s a Chinese, not Japanese thing. Kanichiwa, Sushi, Sony, Nissan. Sorry, I just can’t let go of Malaka Spencer a man who puts the dim in dim sum.

The latest empty GOP gesture comes in the form of articles of impeachment filed against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. The so-called Freedom Caucus is the author of this idiot plot led by the Tar Heel twit, Mark Meadows, and the Buckeye rape enabler, Jim Jordan.

The charges are specious. Essentially, Rosenstein is accused of insufficient servility towards House GOPers and failure to aid and abet Trump’s Kremlingate cover up. The votes don’t appear to be there but the Insult Comedian is pleased: he likes others to do his dirty work for him. Jim Jordan seems to be his new fixer. He’s even dumber than Michael Cohen and that’s saying a lot.

Rod Rosenstein has turned out to be the unlikely hero of this sordid mess. He looks like the sort of guy who got stuffed into lockers in high school by louts such as Jim Jordan. Rosenstein turns out to have a steel spine and brass balls. He rarely lets House wingnuts see him sweat and he shouldn’t sweat this fakakta impeachment effort.

The House Wingnut Caucus does not appear to have the votes for this abuse of democracy. They don’t care. It’s all about publicity and sucking up to the Insult Comedian. It’s a sham and a shame, but one cannot shame the shameless or those who cannot count.

Here’s Jim Jordan trying to count:

He *may* be able to count to 20 by using all his fingers and toes but I have my doubts.

This preposterous impeachment is yet another reason that Democrats need to retake the House. Let’s put Jordan and Meadows out to pasture.

5 thoughts on “Wingnuts Can’t Count

  1. Even Fox’s Kilmeade called the impeachment articles a symbolic act, which is as close as Fox will get to dismissing this grandstand play as a political stunt. It appears that Jordan is anxious to deflect attention from the problems he’s wrestling with back home.

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  3. I recommend always highlighting Rep.Jim Jordan’s Ohio State University men’s wrestling team sexual abuse scandal involvement as a coach who knew about the extensive sexual abuse but ignored and laughed about it, and mention also its relevance to former GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert’s sexual abuse of his wrestling team members (high school, I think) while he was their coach and Hastert’s admitted guilt, especially since Jordan announced recently that he’s going to run for Paul Ryan’s leadership position next time around and could be the newest GOP Speaker of the House who was responsible for the ecistence of sexual abuse of boys and/or young athletes, hands-on responsible or protected the direct abusers for an extended period of time.

    Some anti-GOP slogan should come to mind. Maybe ‘Should the GOP Be Allowed to Continue Its HOLD on Government’? Or ‘GOP Should Be Wrestling With Its Conscience But Isn’t’. Or after the midterms, ‘GOP Goes to the Mat But Takes A Pounding’. Selah!

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