The I-Word: Don’t Take The Bait

The dread Sarah Huckabee Sanders trotted out some of her snappiest patter at Wednesday’s White House briefing. Yes, I’m being sarcastic although she does have a Bob Newhart-style deadpan delivery. Maybe she should try wearing a cardigan like Bob did as Dick the innkeeper in Newhart. It couldn’t hurt. Larry, Darryl, and his other brother Darryl already work in the West Wing alongside a wide variety of Dicks, after all.

“Impeachment is the only message Democrats have going into the midterms.  I think that the biggest contrast you could possibly make is the message of the Democrats, which is nothing more than attacking the president and looking at cheap political stunts while this White House and Republicans in the House and Senate are focused on doing good things for the American people.”

Sarah is such a cut-up.  As usual, she’s making shit up. Leader Pelosi, quite correctly, has urged her members to stay focused on health care, corruption, and whatever issues work in their districts. It’s back to Tip O’Neill’s message that “all politics are local.” It was an approach that helped Democrats hold the house from 1954-1994. There were even two blue wave elections in that era: 1964 and 1974. Shorter Nancy Smash: Just win, baby.

Trump is already the main issue without mentioning the I-Word. Democrats would be wise to focus on Team Trump’s rampant corruption and use this phrase: “putting a brake on an out-of-control president*.” Voters already know that the I-Word is a possibility after Dems take control of the House: why awaken the depressed GOP base?

The mere fact that Zany Sarah, Senator Cornhole, and other GOPers are talking about impeachment is why Democrats should not. Why take the bait and let Republicans set the agenda in a year that the wind is blowing in their faces? And we know how much the Insult Comedian “hates the wind” unless it’s the hot air coming out of his big stupid bazoo.

The main reason we should NOT take the bait is what happened in the 1998 midterms. Newt Gingrich and his merry band of wingnuts went all in on impeachment. It backfired and Democrats *gained* 5 House seats and held their own in the Senate.

To follow Tom Steyer’s lead and go all in on impeachment is playing into the GOP’s hands. Do we really want to be like Newt? Don’t take the bait. Just win, baby.

The Band and Marvin Gaye get the last word:

3 thoughts on “The I-Word: Don’t Take The Bait

  1. Hear, hear. Candidates this fall need to worry about health care, good-paying jobs, affordable higher ed, and … not impeachment, but *accountability.* Unless they’re running in deep-red districts, I think that phrasing, and approach, will appeal to most voters. “Accountability,” in this context, means that the House (assuming Dems retake it) will subpoena documents and witnesses and hold hearings as needed to rein in the administration and hold some of its members, and perhaps Trump himself, responsible for unethical and even criminal behavior. It does NOT mean impeachment unless/until the House, Mueller or both produce one or morer reports documenting offenses and laying a fact-based, rational case for impeachment. You and I know there’s already more than enough in the public record to impeach Dolt 45, but most voters do not and aren’t gonna learn it before November.

    1. All good points. When someone sets a trap for you, don’t walk into it.

  2. Good points from yourself and Lex. But if I can play a sort of devil’s advocate, emphasis on sort of…I’m not saying shout “impeach” from the rooftops, but be ready to answer, because it looks like Trump et al are pushing this..which means the allegedly liberal media will as well…which means if Democrats don’t answer, or get mealy-mouthed, or try to explain, it will be spun as weakness…or lying, or both).

    Repubs might also try to use it as a wedge issue.

    Is it a long shot for the GOP? Yeah, but you go to elections with what you can spin…

    I also think taking it or any legal redress off the table loses in the long run. I don’t know if the GOP would’ve been much less divisive, but when they decided to go scorched earth after 2008, the free pass that they got– and knew they were getting–sure didn’t hurt. When bullies get away with something, they’ll up the ante every time.

    If I ran the zoo…ha, and I obviously don’t, so…free advice…you get your money’s worth…I’d recommend Democrats come up with something like, “if Trump’s committed impeachable offenses, then yes, he should be impeached.” And when asked if Trump’s committed impeachable offenses, reply back with something like “what do you think?” or “let’s see what Mueller finds out.” Or something, anything that shows a willingness to stand up, but doesn’t get caught up in the tangle the GOP WILL try to make out of this.

    Yes, focus on the real issues. But be ready when the opposition and the media try to turn the election into a circus.

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