‘Anti-police groups’

There is no court of public opinion, rude things being said to you is not persecution, being demoted or reassigned for screwing something up at your job is not being victimized, take several seats lady: 

The Washington Post reports that Betty Jo Shelby, a police officer who in 2016 shot and killed an unarmed black man in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is now teaching a course on how to deal with what she describes as “when a police officer is victimized by anti-police groups and tried in the court of public opinion.”

Nothing happened to you. And they weren’t “anti-police” groups, they were anti-you groups because you suck as a cop and as a human. Your response to this incident is to wrap your mistake around you and suck comfort from the nipples of the right-wing ghouls who tell you you don’t have to examine a single thing, you don’t have to question, you can shove those uncomfortable was-I-wrong feelings right down into the lockbox where you keep your humanity (and, apparently, your impulse control and use of force training).

You can feel good about yourself because you can convince yourself you went through something important and meaningful! You weren’t the attacker, you were the attacked, and now you have something to grift teach as you make your way in the world carrying the weight of the man you killed.

Still heavy, though, no matter what you do.


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