Big Gavel Energy

I’m not one for body language analysis when the shit that comes out of Trump’s mouth-anus is so horrific but honestly, the way he turns away from Nancy while she’s talking and looks at Chuck like, “women, amirite?” should be in some kind of Man-seum.

At this point not only am I okay with keeping Nancy “Big Dig Energy” Pelosi as leader, I will not rest until she is QUEEN. To sit there calmly while President Fucknut waves his hand at her to literally dismiss her, spews nonsense about a border wall, and says “I’m proud to shut down the government” like he’s not making campaign ads for his 2020 opponent until the end of time … well, that’s restraint I don’t have.

Everything about this is an illustration of a competent woman in a business meeting with an idiot man and his idiot enablers (Chuckles included, for not decking his ass) but it’s also, you know, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES telling the incoming Speaker of the House that she sucks, which is not how anything should work.


2 thoughts on “Big Gavel Energy

  1. It bears repeating she single-handedly saved healthcare for the Obama administration after geniuses like Rahm, Axe, Plouffe and the Big O himself spent two years kissing up to Joe Lieberman & Susan Collins only to lose the Kennedy seat with all the chips still on the table.

    Speaker Pelosi is who made chicken salad out of the Obama debating society’s chicken sh!t.

    Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate Social Security under GWB was also a colossal win.

    She’s a leader in one half of the legislative branch but somehow bats cleanup and closes on health care and Social Security in the Democratic Party. What more do people want?

  2. he hates women. & it should go without saying at this point that he was elected by all kinds of people, men & women both, who also hate women. Ya know that term “self-hating Jew”? There’s a ton of women who fall into the same self-hating category & they’re the ones who voted against HRC in 2016. & they are gunning against Pelosi right now.

    I will never understand why women don’t support other women but we wouldn’t be in this position if so many of them didn’t hate themselves & have to admire some idiot man instead of their own glorious goddessness.

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