I suppose I could try one more time to lose the 15 pounds I put on after my second back injury.

Been biting my nails for 43 years, could give quitting that a whack. Again.

Probably would do to drink less. Booze is expensive, and see resolution number one up there.

I really do have a problem with online shopping. I had to give it up for Lent last year. I might want to work on that.

Last year’s resolution was to do yoga twice a week. Day job put paid to that, I was too busy to breathe much less breathe deeply and lovingly into the center of my chest or whatever the stupid man-bun on my yoga video wanted me to do.

Man-bun tells me that visualizing my pain going away is the key to managing whatever health condition I have. I’ve seen the MRIs of my herniated discs and looking at them did not make me feel better. Fuck yoga. But I have a bike-desk thing in my basement and really no excuse not to ride it four days a week.

I can make positive resolutions. I want to write more about the things that matter instead of stunting the instinct to explore a topic with distractions and excuses.

I want less to lose weight than to get stronger, to feel better, to go outside more.

I want to cook more meals. My resolution could be to have homemade dinner at least 5 nights a week instead of shoving graham crackers in my face at 7 p. m.

But I think mostly what I want to work on this year is burning the motherfucking fascists to the motherfucking ground.

I went to, I think, six or seven protests this year. In 2019 my resolution is to get that number to 10.

I want to volunteer one Sunday a month at a community organization or shelter. I raised a shitload of money for a cause last year and I’d like to raise TWO SHITLOADS this year.

There are available freeways all over my ‘hood that need signs on them and bitches, I got cardboard and a kid who likes to paint. Let’s say three of those.

What else? What are some small achievable things I can do to fuck over Nazis?

Who wants some, 2019? Huh?

Let’s go.


7 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. to lose weight & help your back … start a daily walk. It was easy for me … I didn’t have a car & the public transportation here in Buffalo really sucks, so if I want to go anywhere, it’s generally on my two feet. But in the seven? eight? years I haven’t had a car, I’ve gotten into fabulous shape. Not lost a ton of weight but I am in so much better health! Cancer in remission & everything.

    But really … walking is the key. Easy on the knees & the lungs & the pocketbook.

    1. So true. Walking does wonders. So does manual labor but that’s not for all. Between walking and doing manual stuff, I lost 30 pounds in a year (215 to 185). This was after 35 years sitting at desks (social work and newspapers). Now doing building rehab, masonry work and tree cutting at 69.

  2. Volunteering and protesting more is actually a very positive form of exercise. Hope the back pain subsides. Acupuncture and physical therapy has helped my partner. Long distance walking also helps. Here in New York, we have the Shorewalkers organization, and we walk 10, 20 and 30 miles per event.

  3. Herniated disc – ouch. Mine persisted, and was eventually surgically corrected with a fusion. I waited too long, though, and sustained some permanent nerve damage. And, I think a New Year’s resolution to protest more and volunteer more is excellent. I’m borrowing it.

  4. I had my debit card number stolen and when they asked me if I wanted a new one I said I’d think about it. Took care of the online shopping thing pretty effectively. I only used it to buy used books. It will also help with the resolution not to buy anymore books while I have unread ones lying around. Good luck with the kicking the fucking Nazis to the ground thing, I say don’t stop doing it till they don’t move anymore.

  5. Ms Hantschel
    You and I do not have an adequately intimate relationship for me to know this about you
    I am proceeding with a complete mind sweep

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