Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Duke nuke ’em edition

Another bonus Obsession today, as both Michael F.  and Adrastos are indisposed.

So today, First Draft is MINE!! ALL MINE!!!  BWAHAHAHAHA!

…where was I?

Oh yes – Blooood in the water – fire in the sky…

Russian Choir Sings About Nuking D.C. on Patriotic Holiday in Cathedral
Moscow Times ^ | Feb 25 2019

Posted on 2/26/2019, 4:29:32 PM by CondoleezzaProtege

The St. Petersburg Concert Choir sang the song in St. Isaac’s Cathedral during a concert celebrating Defender of the Fatherland Day, a holiday that honors Russia’s armed services every Feb. 23.

The lyrics translate in part: “On a nuclear-powered submarine, with a dozen bombs just under 100 megatons, I crossed the Atlantic and called up the gunner: ‘Point, Petrov, toward Washington, D.C.,’ I say.”

“Forgive us, America, good old America, but it was a shame you were discovered 500 years ago,” the choir continued.

The St. Petersburg Concert Choir disabled the comment option on its social media page after being flooded with indignation, The Associated Press reported.

On Tuesday, the choir dismissed the criticism as “repulsive” and defended its performance as true to the original.

“We don’t rewrite the lyrics for the sake of political correctness or other state of affairs,” it said in a statement.

The video appeared around the same time that Russian state television identified several U.S. military facilities that Russia could target in the event of a nuclear war.

“To be honest, they shouldn’t have sung it in St. Isaac’s Cathedral,” Andrei Kozlovsky, the author of the song, was cited as saying by the Fontanka news website.

“Nothing good will come of it,” he added.

1 posted on 2/26/2019, 4:29:32 PM by CondoleezzaProtege
Ya think?
To: CondoleezzaProtege


Not a bad idea of you ask me…

2 posted on 2/26/2019, 4:31:09 PM by dpetty121263

Maybe if they did it during Congressional recess….just kidding, we’re all gonna die.
To: CondoleezzaProtege


I’d bet a few of our resident Putin buttkissers are in the chorus.

7 posted on 2/26/2019, 4:36:29 PM by ETL (Obama-Hillary, REAL Russia collusion! Uranium-One Deal, Missile Defense, Iran Deal, Nukes: Click ETL)

Too late!
Told ya.
To: All; CondoleezzaProtege
Also see…

Russian TV lists potential nuclear strike targets in US after Putin warning ^ | Feb 26, 2019 | Edmund DeMarche | Fox News
Posted on 2/26/2019, 8:55:00 AM by ETL

Russian state TV on Sunday listed potential targets in the U.S. in the event of a nuclear strike and claimed that its new hypersonic missile technology could reach them in less than five minutes.

Reuters called the report “unusual even by the sometimes bellicose standards of Russian state TV.” The targets included the Pentagon and Camp David. The report came days after Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the U.S. against deploying intermediate-range missiles in Europe. …”

The Guardian reported that other U.S. sites included Maryland’s Fort Ritchie, McClellan air force base in California and Jim Creek naval communications base in Washington state.

Russian TV lists potential nuclear strike targets in US after Putin warning

9 posted on 2/26/2019, 4:39:22 PM by ETL (Obama-Hillary, REAL Russia collusion! Uranium-One Deal, Missile Defense, Iran Deal, Nukes: Click ETL)


“Quite a few people here seem so naive and ill-informed about the Russians.”

Me too; I thought it was communism that turned Russians into jerks. I was wrong. That chorus lamenting America’s existence for 500 years proves that Russian think they hung the moon and we just got in the way of their imperialistic ambitions.

Their Church is also supremacist and imperialistic; Russia forbids missionary work by other denominations; they regard Moscow as the “Third Rome”. There’s a Russian Orthodox church in my not so large Southern city. On their website the very first option is how to convert to Russian Orthodoxy!

I don’t think it’s possible to be friends with Russians, not anymore. Thought 1991 was a sea change. Putin has proven otherwise; Russians prefer a strongman to democracy.

18 posted on 2/26/2019, 5:22:04 PM by elcid1970 (My gun safe is saying, “Room for one more, honey!”)

At least living so close to Dallas, the northernmost MIRV should land more or less in my backyard, so I’ve got that going for me…
Hopefully, back on Monday with some newer stuff.
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