Tweet Of The Day: Secular Votive Candles?

It looks as if some Austin hipsters have secularized votive candles just in time for Lent and, more importantly, SXSW:

A Jewish woman on a votive candle? Beto as Jesus? I have a confession: I kinda like the Nancy Smash one but the other two are flat-out weird. Unholy Holy Trinity, Batman.

What’s next: an Orthodox icon featuring RBG? Oy, just oy.

3 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Secular Votive Candles?

  1. I remember a line of “modern Santeria ” candles from 20 years ago. They had prayers like “powerful protection from bad hair days” and were devoted to “our lady of coffee” and such.

    I suspect these are an evolution of that product line.

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