I dunno if anybody else is struggling right now but I AM. Holy balls, am I ever.

The world is a dark miserable shitass place and being on Twitter is losing its goddamn charm as all I ever see is people attacking each other over who’s really a Bernie bro and who humped their cat and who has the WORST ideas for revamping local news and who I used to love yesterday who now has to be cancelled because he has revenge or rape or race-war fantasies.

And I do not have a hot take on any of it. I’m just annoyed by everything. Once upon a time I would have enjoyed laughing at Cat Humper Twitter as much as I did David Cameron Dead Pig Humper Twitter, but lately my overarching reaction is just to be really, really tired by everyone’s antics. Which is not productive. Or helpful.

You know what is?


Yeah, that’s right, we’re gonna send some Legos to a school in Alaska that you can only get to by plane, and it’s all Dog Twitter’s fault, … oh, just watch this:

And at the end of the race everyone in the #UglyDogs was having do-gooder withdrawal and asked this teacher what else they could do and she said two things:

  1. Send postcards from wherever you are because it connects the students to the world.
  2. They need LEGOs to do STEM-type stuff like building bridges and other things that have direct applications to the stuff they do when they’re not in school (and also just to have fun).

So let’s mail ’em some postcards, and send them a bunch of LEGOs. Hit the WISHLIST here, or send them a box on/of your own to:

Miss Angela’s Class
PO Box 90
Grayling, AK. 99590

I KNOW some of you all have dogs, and I know some of you all have LEGOs, and looking at our visitor map I know at least a few of you all have spent time in Alaska or live there still, and even if none of that is true for you, you read stuff here so I know you like do-gooding! So let’s ship a bunch of LEGOs there and send some postcards and generally make this teacher’s day!

It’s better than trying to figure out what the cat thing is about anyway.



  1. gail b says:

    I’m picking up what you’re putting down! Also, UglyDogs raised over 100K for other schools in Alaska!

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  2. Darlene says:

    Quick question. The teacher mentioned in one of our threads on Twitter that things get beat up a lot getting to them. Does Amazon take that into account? I’m just wondering if it will get there in one piece if amazon does the shipping. I’m just trying to decide if I should get something and rebox it or just hope Amazon does an okay job.


    • The Legos usually ship in boxes inside boxes so they should be okay. My family buys a lot of Legos online and if you don’t care about keeping the boxes pristine for collecting purposes the Legos themselves should be okay. Miss Angela, please tell us if things arrive damaged!



  3. Thomas says:

    Have Amazon ship it direct. Have the order sent to:
    Miss Angela’s Class
    PO Box 90
    Grayling, AK. 99590

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