In Loving and Awed Memory of Tom Butler, First Draft Krewe

You ever get shown up thoroughly by someone twice your age?

Tom Butler and his wife June did that to me in 2007 in NOLA. Longtime readers may remember we assembled a bunch of Internet people who’d never met (pictured above) to go to New Orleans to gut a house in the aftermath of Katrina. Tom, second from left up there, absolutely kicked my ass.

He and June, beside him as always, hauled out barrow after barrow, bucket after bucket, of filth from this roach-ridden rotting hulk of a flooded home in 90-degree heat and 90 percent humidity, working dawn to dusk with hardly a break to make this busted thing a home again. I needed a long lie-down after about two hours of swinging a sledgehammer and all Tom did was keep working. He smiled the whole time.

Tom passed away this morning. He was generous, kindhearted and true, and helped where he could, always. Our condolences to June and her family, and Tom, I hope, is somewhere finally resting up.


2 thoughts on “In Loving and Awed Memory of Tom Butler, First Draft Krewe

  1. I appreciate hearing about Tom; “thanks” is not quite the right word. That was a worthwhile day, perhaps a small response to a large problem, but still a very positive one.
    Especially happy to see the “after” photo by Sinfonian; had not seen that before.
    Condolences, June.
    Miss you, Tom.

  2. Thanks for the lovely tribute to Tom, Allison. What a day that was with a great group of people.

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