Dems Aren’t Solely Responsible for Fixing This

So it took about ten minutes after the Mueller Report for people to start screaming at Democrats for being spineless worthless cowards who lacked the political will to impeach Donald Trump immediately. People spent the rest of the week losing their shit at Nancy, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer and all the rest of the leadership, demanding they do the right thing and IMPEACH OR GTFO.

Meanwhile the national press began autowittering gibberish about the optics for Democrats of impeaching or not impeaching. Every Clintonista who’s been looking for a paycheck found one opining about what it did to their president when Newt Gingrich stuck his head up his own ass and decided he liked the view. The OP EDS ALONE. How would impeachment impact Bernie’s or Biden’s or Warren’s chances in 2020? How does this play in a MAGA dipshit diner in Iowa? There are head-to-head national polls! Nothing makes these losers orgasm like completely baseless speculation and insane hypotheticals and this was a banner week for both.

And spare me the ‘splain. I am not defending Nancy or Steny or Chuck. And I do know the Democrats have the House majority and we gave it to them at great cost, so don’t mistake anything I’m about to say for a gesture of sympathy for highly paid people being asked to do their literal job.

I just have a question.

Why is impeachment being discussed as if only Democrats can do it?

Why is all the pressure on THEM to impeach or not impeach, to come out for removing Trump, to deal with the political implications of impeaching or not impeaching, to make a statement or take a stand or release a strongly worded press release? Where is the call to get on the record every single pudsucking suburban rep from the Party of Lincoln saying why THEY don’t want to impeach?

I mean it. Yes, the Dems have the House majority and could do this on their own if they wanted and they don’t want to which is insane, but why does that allow Republicans to not even get a question about this. And speaking of political will and Nancy’s lack of it, if 20 Republican reps suddenly went to Nancy and Steny and Chuck and said look, we want the motherfucker out of here today, I find it hard to believe that wouldn’t make a difference in her eagerness to move.

If 10 Republican senators came out in the press and said we would vote to convict Donald Trump of obstruction of justice, I find it hard to believe that wouldn’t change the game.

Why isn’t anyone in the national press calling for THAT? Why aren’t our favorite Twitter screamers mad at the silence from the GOP? Where’s the running tally of GOP statesmen and their positions, opposite the one keeping tabs on what AOC and Elizabeth Warren are up to? Where’s the holding of their feet to the fire? If democracy’s out here dying in darkness why are we only asking one party to light the goddamn match?

And if we’re not going to expect the same things from them, why don’t we even bother to PRETEND anymore that the GOP is an actual party with the same job and obligation as the Democrats? Why do we have to do fucking everything? Clean up their mess AND worry about how cleaning up their mess makes us look? You’ve got to be kidding me with this.

By all rights, having read that report, Democrats should be able to do a victory lap on Mitch McConnell’s flopsy turtle face with their balls. I mean good God, those are some of the dumbest crimes I’ve ever heard of and I used to cover night cops in small towns. These galaxy genius brains are texting each other detailed notes of fraud and grand larceny and shit, what a bunch of buffoons.

Democrats should be able to kick back, pass those articles of impeachment along and get half of Republicans to vote with them without even trying.

Maybe some of the Clinton alumni who’ve been out here jerking it to their boss’s record for the past 20 years can explain why the media they flooded only ever demands Democrats turn on their own. Al Gore and Joe Lieberman get advised to run away from Bill Clinton in 2000 but within the GOP it’s accepted wisdom that Truly Savvy Politicians will continue to suck Trump’s dick up to and including the day he puts their kids in a cage.

And in the face of all of that I’m supposed to be mad at Nancy Pelosi? I mean, I guess, okay, but in the hierarchy of who I’m pissed at the GOP is at the top of the list and is staying there. I am just so tired of WHAT ARE THE DEMOCRATS DOING ABOUT TRUMP being the headline when WHAT ARE REPUBLICANS DOING is the only question until we take the Senate back.

Where are the headlines and op-eds about that? Where is the running tally of how many Republicans would vote to convict Trump and the pressure to declare or shut the fuck up?

I am so tired. At some point I’d like it if we could ask the people who shit the bed to clean it up.


One thought on “Dems Aren’t Solely Responsible for Fixing This

  1. It is frustrating to live in a world that is largely irrational and unjust.
    A few random, and (to me) related thoughts.

    “ask the people who shit the bed to clean it up”
    As in life, the majority of the people that shit the bed are not cognitively or physically capable of cleaning it up (elderly, disabled, children). In this case, people who just don’t see things the way you do.

    The media is either owned or controlled (commercials) by the oligarchs. Oligarchs tend to be right of center, and pro status quo. Therefore, so is the corporate media.

    Suppression of left-populism has enabled right-populism (fascism), which is currently ascending. Not just in the US – globally. I tend to think it will evolve to neo-feudalism.

    EVERY network nationally (even PBS), AND your “local news” continues the Republican idiotic & inhumane propaganda.
    All owned/supported by oligarchs that historically ALWAYS support fascism until it is too late.

    1. “The President said …”
    2. Show clip of President saying it – and (behind him) either a mob cheering, or his staff members nodding.
    3. “Some Democrats disagree”
    4. Interview Republican paid-for “spokesperson” that defends Trump AND adds other lies.

    The visuals and repetition serve to support Trumps lies & delusions.

    I hear your frustration. Many of us feel the same way.

    As a bit of a misanthrope (self-diagnosed as on the edge of Asperger-ian), I have always had a low opinion of humans. Looking at trends in the US and the world (climate change, AI, trans-national capitalism overriding the ability to be regulated by nation-states, bio-tech, bio-weapons, and many more), I sometimes think that our species will soon be extinct or at least vastly decimated – and deservedly so.

    The challenge for me (and perhaps others) is to balance staying informed & trying for “right action”, while not falling into despair. Detachment from gratifying results seems critical – do the right thing, but don’t expect immediate (or even visible or knowable) results.

    I apologize if this post seems insensitive, or unfocused.

    Best wishes to all.

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