Album Cover Art Wednesday: One Size Fits All

I spend a lot of time in my formative years listening to Frank Zappa. I was attracted to his oddball sense of humor and his wry and sardonic stage patter. Wry and sardonic sums me up quite well. Above all else, I loved his tricky music and the virtuosity of the musicians who worked with FZ.

One Size Fits All is my favorite Zappa album. The songs are tight, well-constructed, and perfectly arranged. It’s one of the last albums released using the Mothers name. It’s also one of the best bands Zappa ever assembled: the vocals by George Duke and Napoleon Murphy Brock are to die for. One Size Fits All flat-out rocks.

The cover art is by Cal Schenkel who designed 16+ Zappa covers. He was FZ’s artistic alter ego and described his style as “ragged surrealism.”

Here’s the whole damn album via the YouTube:


2 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: One Size Fits All

  1. Years ago, perhaps before you were born, I attended a late afternoon.Fillmore East concert that featured Chicago.and the Mothers.
    As we were standing in line there appeared a wild haired man in an orange crushed velvet suit who cut through our line…Zappa
    An addendum for another time… Chicago.
    Stunning would be the reaction.

    1. I was very much alive. I saw Zappa and the Mother’s perform Inca Roads for either the second or third time. It was quite different from the finished product.

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