A Cat of a Different Coat: Game of Thrones Thread

Spoilers within.

Am I alone in thinking that the things that they’re hauling out at this late date to prove that Dany is Losing It Just Like the Mad King are actually the least crazy things she’s done? I mean, tell me what parts of Robert Baratheon’s rule would not have been improved by just slitting Varys’s throat on day one?

The dude has been positioning himself as the Lone Voice of Reason Above All Such Petty Concerns of State for decades now, and I always find that spot suspect. No one is above self-interest. Everyone is in this for something, and I don’t buy that we were supposed to take Varys at face value while being suspicious of everyone else.

So Dany offs him, is mad that Jon blabbed to his sister after she asked him not to, burninated the Tarlys, and thinks Tyrion’s a shitty little dumbass. I was with her right up until she had Drogon stage the world’s largest barbecue starting with the King’s Landing Farmer’s Market.

Then again girlfriend’s first major act of her own accord was to pick up three dragon eggs and walk into a fire. She’s not exactly ever been the poster child for mental health. But SWEETHEART. If Drogon could have burninated the Iron Fleet from above at any time, perhaps that whole “Rhaegal dying and Missandei getting captured and beheaded” thing didn’t need to happen?

Plus those incredibly-accurate-from-boats-on-water scorpions apparently can’t shoot straight from atop a wall?┬áMr. A at one point looked at the TV in disgust and said, “It’s not a plot hole, it’s a plot TUNNEL.”

Good callback to both Blackwater and Aerys, with the wildfire caches erupting around the city.

Cersei’s end was prophesied to come with her little brother’s hands around her neck, and it did. What a miserable end to Jaime’s “redemption” arc, realizing he’d rather die with Cersei than live with Brienne. Granted, he’s a survivor of years of abuse and was basically raised by Denethor without the warm and fuzzy side, so it’s not surprising his relationship decisions are terrible.

At one point, when it looked like Euron was going to finish him off, I was throwing stuff at the TV. STEVE BUSCEMI’S JIZZ MOPPER DOES NOT GET TO KILL THE KINGSLAYER. Thank God we’ll never have to hear Euron open his mouth-anus ever again. His character in the books is kind of cool and I’ll never understand the choice to play him like he’s understudying Jack Sparrow.

The Hound died killing his brother; I was rooting so hard for him to realize the Mountain was already dead, and turn around, and go back to the North. But he saved Arya first.

There were a couple of really gorgeous moments in this episode: Arya and the Hound being like, “Check with the manager if you need to but we gotta bitch to murder.” That scene of Grey Worm, Jon and Davos (first of his name, etc, etc) rolling up in the street like they were starring in West Side Story. And Tyrion, freeing Jaime, thanking him for all he did, letting him go to hell the way he wanted to.

Power resides where men believe it resides, Varys said, and said it once before: It’s a trick. A shadow on the wall. All Missandei brought with her across the narrow sea was her shackles. Grey Worm took them from Dany, and threw them into the fire. They were objects, stripped of their power. Removed from the person they held, they meant nothing at all.


2 thoughts on “A Cat of a Different Coat: Game of Thrones Thread

  1. So where do we go from here?
    Tyrion disappears to find comfort in drink and women in Mereen.
    Dany kills Jon Snow because she can’t bear the threat implicit in his continued existence, or more likely Grey Worm does it because of the threat he represents to her.
    Arya assumes the form of Missandei and cuts Dany’s stunned throat.
    Gendry wins by default. Enjoy your ruined kingdom, son.

    In hindsight they’ve been building Dany’s madness pretty well, from her brother’s derangement to the rage simmering just under the surface. And now with the guard rails of Jorah and Missandei gone, her fury over the loss of two of her babies (why were the scorpion operators expert marksmen last episode, and basically Homer Simpson this one?) and Jon Snow’s betrayal and knowing she has an enemy in Sansa as well as Varys, plus Tyrion double-dealing behind her back….it’s not paranoia when they all are out to get you. A huge what if there if she had managed to control herself, or even moreso if Jon Snow had managed to keep his idiot trap shut for a week. Really, what purpose did telling anyone, including Dany, about his ancestry serve? If he doesn’t want the throne, he should keep it to himself so no one else gets any bright ideas, and if he does, he’d probably get it at Dany’s side without saying a word. More and more Jon seems like the villain of the piece. Was he raised from the dead to cause complete destruction? Seems that way.

  2. now that the Red Keep has been pretty much leveled, does the Iron Throne even exist anymore?

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